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Nutrition is a Major Key to Healthy Weight Loss

Make Your Life More Palatable In this country we are always finding excuses to celebrate something by naming a month in the year The National (Fill-In-The-Blank) Month. There are some truly vital things to remember and celebrate, [..]

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Maintain Your Weight over the Holidays

How to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday Meal Thanksgiving and Christmas Days are for feasting, family, and football (and giving thanks for all of them). If you are determined to feast in moderation this holiday season, you are in luck! Her[..]

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June is Men’s Health Awareness Month: Why it is Important For Men to Combat Obesity

Among the major health hazards that keep the medical fraternity on their toes, obesity deserves some of the limelight. There are risks of being overweight for both genders. Obesity is a health menace and it leads to various health problems if igno[..]

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Lose Weight Successfully with the HCG Diet

Are you having a tough time losing weight? Tried almost everything with almost no results? Maybe it is time you tried the HCG diet. If you want to get back into shape, this might just be the solution. When it comes to weight loss, HCG is one of th[..]

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Preventing Colorectal Cancer with Your Diet

Did you know that colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States? This is Fact One. Fact Two is that poor diet is the cause behind the rise of colorectal cancer. As with most other forms of can[..]

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Tips on How to Maintain Your Weight during the Holidays

It is that time of the year when food temptations are galore. Whether you indulge in frosted cookies that your colleagues bring to office or you share eggnog with your neighbor, these extra calories add up and by the time New Year’s Day dawns, you [..]

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Drinking water is Essential for Weight Loss

According to studies, the average American doesn’t drink nearly enough water. And now studies point to low water consumption as an influential factor in high obesity rates. At Unicorn Medical Weight Loss drinking water is a major component of your [..]

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Since 1993, the staff members at all UNICORN MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS & MEDISPA centers have been not only highly trained and qualified medical personnel, but also an efficient team with a warm, friendly and courteous attitude that’s experienced imm[..]

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Wrap Your Body in Health and Warmth

Most Americans are looking for the ways to reduce their weight and achieve a better physique. New discoveries to achieve these goal[..]

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It's Time to Work on Your Diet For a Perfect Body

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