Anti-aging Injectables


Anti-Aging Facial Dermal Fillers & Injectables

Soft tissue fillers are injected under the skin to “plump up,” contour and smooth wrinkles, lines and hollow areas in the face and augment the lips or cheeks for a younger, fuller appearance. View below to learn more about injections:

anti-aging1BOTOX®– BOTOX cosmetic is commonly used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. Botox Cosmetic treatment is quick and minimally invasive. You can expect to see results within a few days after your treatment; however, the appearance of the areas injected may continue to improve for up to a week. Results generally last between three to four months. Dynamic wrinkles are due to the action of facial muscles, such as, prominent forehead creases, brow furrows or eye lines (crow’s feet). Smooth away frown lines, forehead furrows, crow’s feet, neck, or just about any wrinkle on the face without surgery. Just a few small injections and you could look 10 years younger.

A natural purified protein that binds with receptor sites to weaken muscle contraction thereby causing a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and facial creases. Clinical trials began in the 1960’s with effective medical treatments beginning as early as 1976. The effects typically last 3-4 months with no down time!

.Who is a Candidate? 

• Individuals with expression lines who desire a more youthful appearance 

Procedure Description 

• The muscle is relaxed over a period of several days and the expression line softens dramatically, becoming less noticeable.

• Results last 3 – 4 months, when a repeat injection can be performed.

• Areas which are treated may include:  lip lines, dimpled chin, mouth frown, gumm smile, neck bands, open eyes, bunny lines, v-neck lines, frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, brow lift and necklace lines. 

Recuperation & Healing  

• Botox is an injectable drug that relaxes small areas of muscle for 3 – 4 months.

• Botox is injected around deep expression lines of the forehead and bridge of nose that are caused by overactive muscles of expression.

• This procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform.

• Most clients return to work immediately after treatment with slight bruising that will disappear quickly and can be camouflaged with make-up.

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 antiaging3What keeps us looking youthful?

Collagen is what gives volume, flexibility and strength to healthy, young skin. As a part of the aging process, your own natural collagen breaks down, diminishing facial volume and elasticity. This loss of elasticity and volume results in wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity – all of which rob your skin of its youthful, fresh appearance.Fillers are the answer to rejuvenate!

Juvederm –Juvederm is designed to smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips and shape facial contours. It is a clear, synthetic gel made with hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring, substance that is found throughout your body. It carries little risk of allergic reaction It is a long lasting solution used to create a hydrating and volumizing effect for deep lines, furrows, and scars. Restore volume and correct your facial wrinkles. In as little as 30 minutes, you can have full lips, diminished smile lines or resolution of your smoker’s lines. The improvement can last up to a year. Learn more at  

Voluma Juvederm Voluma XC injectable gel is the first and only filler FDA-approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area. It gives you a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and a more youthful profile for up to 2 years in patients over the age of 21. It’s different than Juvederm XC and works on a different area of the face. Voluma XC adds volume to the cheek area to give you a more youthful look.

Radiesse– Replenish Volume. Restore Collagen. Refresh You. Ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing your skin’s lost volume. Upon injection, RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler immediately provides the volume and lift needed to diminish the signs of aging because of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that comprise the product. But what’s unique about RADIESSE Volumizing Filler is that it acts as a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and stimulating your own natural collagen to grow.1 This process continues for several months, which extends the initial effect of RADIESSE Volumizing Filler. Best of all, the natural results are clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients, which is why more and more cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals are choosing RADIESSE Volumizing Filler to achieve long-lasting facial rejuvenation. Learn more at