MediSpa Skin Care

Advanced Skin Care

Spa Organic Facial Masque (2)Chemical peels: remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face to smooth texture, reduce scarring and remove blemishes and pre-cancerous growths to produce healthy, glowing skin. Peel formulas and strengths are tailored to each patient. Our skincare specialist (Aesthetician) will customize a treatment series just for your skin type & skincare needs!


Organic Passion Peel-An Enzyme cocktail of papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rebalance tired, stressed and dull-looking skin. This non-chemical peel naturally rebalances, regenerates, restores and soothes your skin with organic ingredients.

Acne Peel-Salicylic acid: beta-hydroxy acid cocktail. This safe and outstanding resurfacing modality has a dual benefit. It reduces and treats all kinds of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment

Microdermabrasion- improves mild to moderate sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and other superficial skin problems. A gentle stream of tiny particles exfoliates the outer layer of skin and provides a fresh, glowing, younger appearance. The particles scrape away the surface layer of aging or damaged skin, which is then brushed off with the microdermabrasion vacuum tool with no need for anesthesia. Ask about customized microdermabrasion and chemical peel packages.

MicroLift-A dual-treatment process of microdermabrasion combined with a chemical resurfacing solution for a more advanced result on problematic skin.

Brightening Peel-This mega-lightening treatment gently blends lactic acid and a cocktail of lightening and brightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma & cholasma. 

Wrinkle-Lift Peel-This ultra-resurfacing glycolic & retinol treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firm, healthier. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

TCA Peels – TCA peels are medium-depth peell that aggressively treats aging and sun-damaged skin. A revolutionary treatment that will rejuvenate skin in one treatment. Treat fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes and pigment problems using trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Some downtime recommended.

Wrinkle Reduction/Matrix IR-This treatment uses a proprietary synergy of light and conducted Bi-Polar RadioFrenquency to create the deep thermal heating needed to both shrink and generate new collagen while protecting the epidermis.

Skin Rejuvenation / Fotofacial RF- Safely and comfortably fade the appearance of rosacea, spider veins, skin imperfections caused by sun damage, age spots and uneven skin tones created by brown and red spots. Pigment or vascular irregularities are a result of age, sun damage and other genetic and environmental factors. The improvement or reduction of such irregularities is the goal of skin rejuvenation. Improvements in skin texture i.e. fine lines and rough skin are also seen following a series of skin rejuvenation treatments with minimal downtime and side effects.

Skin Tightening / ReFirme- TheReFirme Skin Tightening procedure, via wrinkle reduction, features revolutionary elos technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, tightened and toned appearance without enduring downtime. Improvement of skin texture and laxity occurs over a series of 3-5 treatments for most people. Excellent procedure for those who wants gradual improvement of skin texture and laxity without down time or high risk factors, more commonly associated with laser skin resurfacing.

Triniti™ - 
The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, Triniti™ is a treatment in three steps, performed sequentially, during the same office visit. With the Triniti™ skin program, color correction and the effect is removal of telangiectasia, rosacea, poikiloderma and sunspots for more even skin tone, and skin tightening effects. The results are improved appearance of the face and neck.

Laser Hair Reduction-hair reduction is just a few treatments away. There is gradual and cumulative reduction of hair with each treatment session. When continually treated it is probable that clearance may be achieved between 6-8 treatments. Remove unwanted hair, virtually pain free, on all body areas including: upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini area, legs and back.  

Syneron Laser :Elōs™ Technology Elōs is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy. Aesthetic treatments from Hair Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation are easier, safer, and more effective than ever before.

Refirme Laser Skin Treatments - With ReFirme Laser Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Treatment, you can say goodbye to rosacea (redness), spider veins, age spots, uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin.

Powered by the revolutionary ReFirme Laser Technology, the combination of energies of light and bi-polar radio frequency, offers a complete solution to the challenges of skin treatment with reduced overall required energy output – enabling safe, effective treatment. Highly selective light energies are absorbed by the hemoglobin and pigmented lesions, while bi-polar energies selectively heat blood vessels – minimizing the effect on pigmented structure.

The ReFirme Laser offers the following treatments:

Refirme Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction: Uses the revolutionary elōs™ Technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted appearance without enduring downtime. ReFirme is a complete anti-aging solution for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including, jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines, and nasolabial folds. Unlike conventional laser skin tightening treatments that are time and treatment intensive, and often too painful for many patients;ReFirme offers virtually painless and fast treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin.

Skin Rejuvenation: Clear beautiful skin is in demand, and effectively treating superficial and benign vascular and pigmented lesions — including Telangiectasias, Rosacea, Poikiloderma and Angioma — has never been easier. Powered by elōs Technology, Syneron skin rejuvenation systems deliver industry-leading results that your patients will love.

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