Lovie S.

Lovie S. lost 30 lbs!!!

“I was overweight and not happy with my appearance or how I felt. After trying unsuccessfully, for three years to lose 30 lbs., no matter how much time in the gym or what type of “diet” plan I thought would help… no real change. Sure, I would lose 5-7 lbs. here and there, but then nothing else. I was still working out and eating my “diet” plan, but not losing weight. Whatever I was doing wasn’t working and I wasn’t reaping any rewards. Continue reading

Ariana D.

Ariana lost 74 lbs!

“My name is Ariana and I have been working on this program for about 7 weeks now and I love it.. I have lost 32.1 pounds already and on a steady pace to meet my goal weight…..the first few weeks were so awesome.. I was losing 4 pounds a week…but starting last week I slowed down a little bit..2 pounds than 1.1 pound…but I am taking it with a grain of salt and knowing that this reach a point where you slow down…looking at it as hey I still lost I didnt gain and the number didnt remain the I keep pushing on..hearing people ask me “are you losing weight?”…It makes me feel awesome people are noticing…its helping keep me on to next week where we keep pushing through it, feeling great refreshed and energized and look for another loss on the scale.. I luv it… loving hte smaller clothes, the energy, the compliments, the encouragement, and everyone else that is helping me keep going… Thank you Unicorn”

Jamie J.

Jamie lost 85 lbs!!!

“In October of 2012 I stepped onto a scale and painfully read 298 pounds. (which was roughly 90 pounds overweight) I had reached the breaking point for me after years of hating the way I looked and felt on a daily basis. I had no one to blame but myself and I realized it. Once a very active hiker and backpacker with a size 36 waist I had ballooned over the years to a size 52. That was the day that I picked up the phone and called Unicorn Medispa. I had seen their ads and signage almost daily for a year and a half but always had an excuse for not calling to get help but that ended this day. When I arrived for my first appointment I found the staff to be very friendly and professional. The counselor sat and listened to me talk about why I was there. Together we discussed the options and came up with a program that would work for me and set a goal that was reasonable and attainable.

Over the course of the program I found the staff extremely supportive and always available to answer questions that I had. In fact, second to my wife, they were the biggest cheerleaders and motivators I had. The doctors on staff are also very friendly and supportive always willing to answer any of your questions and make adjustments to your program as needed. From my point of view Unicorn gives you all the tools you need to be successful and guides you along on your weight loss journey. There is one thing required that they can’t give you. That is a commitment on your part to do what it takes to change your lifestyle. That is where you come in. Mine was made that day when I read 298. With the help of Unicorn I changed my diet and my sedentary lifestyle to a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Was it easy? No it took work and commitment but the rewards at the end are amazing. It is now May of 2013 and the scale now says 213. My waist size is 36 again. I look and feel better than I have my entire life, hiking and backpacking almost every weekend.
I showed up on Unicorn’s doorstep pretty down but willing to do whatever I had to do to reclaim my life. They gave me the tools and enabled me to reach my goal. I cannot say enough good things about their staff and doctors. Today I have a new lease on life and they have an extremely satisfied and grateful customer. Thanks Unicorn !!!”

Holly A

Holly lost 110 lbs!!!

“Married, with 4 children and a full time job at 36. I struggled getting motivated to begin a diet and stay on it. With the help of the Doctors, Medical Staff and Nutritional Counselors at Unicorn Health Services, I reached my goal of losing 110 lbs. in a year and have been able to maintain it! This program wasn’t one of those so-called ‘Quick-Fixes’ I have tried over and over again. I loved that this was realistic: learning to eat right, medication and assistance from a Physician, along with vitamins and supplements. I finally learned how to live healthy! I have heard of clinics in the Valley that just give you a shot or pill of some sort, and voila! the weight is gone… Yeah, until it comes back. Unicorn Health Services set me up for a lifetime of Success by teaching me about nutrition, and keeping a healthy regime that I can stick to without feeling like I’m on a ‘Diet’. These lifestyle changes have made all the difference during my journey to lose weight, but also for my entire family. The staff is great and I absolutely recommend them to anyone struggling with weight like I was, and are ready to get healthy and change their lives!!!”

Trish T.

Trish lost 85 lbs!

“Growing up I never had a problem with weight and knew I was ‘lucky’ to not watch what I ate, or work out, and still be able to fit into an 7. But like so many women, all of that changed as I became an adult, had a child, a full-time job and a household to take care of! My body could not longer take the abuse of fast food runs, sitting all day at work with a candy jar on my desk! And inattention to my fitness. It was that denial that transported me to a point where I was 232 lbs, lethargic and depressed, suffering from aches and pains and worst of all: unable to enjoy outdoor activities with my 8 year old. Today I am living a life that I truly never could have imagined. With the support of the staff at Unicorn Health Services. I made the commitment to change the course of my life and have lost 85 lbs! More importantly, I have changed the relationship I have with food and have been able to maintain a lifestyle that encourages me to take better care of myself. Of all the diets I have ever tried, this is the only one that actually taught me about nutrition and being aware of what I fuel my body with. The counselors at Unicorn were nothing short of amazing: keeping me focused on my goal when I was discouraged and held me accountable to the commitment I made. It’s that kind of personal attention that led me to today. Thanks!!!”