How a MedSpa Can Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals

MedSpas bring the best of both worlds: medically based treatments, in a spa-like atmosphere.

MedSpas require a physician onsite and offer clients the results of medical grade products and treatments, performed by a certified staff. Clients receive these treatments in a relaxing, spa environment.

Is a MedSpa worth considering?

Do your beauty goals include getting your skin condition under control, reducing the size of that spare tire and maybe some hair removal? MedSpas can help bring all the treatments you need under one roof.

A MedSpa will often meet with clients for a consultation to discuss problem areas, goals and treatments to consider.

Laser Treatments

Better living through technology: Simply point and shoot! Certified staff members employ laser treatments for anything from unwanted hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, skin spot/ discoloration treatments and more.

Using concentrated beams of light, lasers zap away persistent, unwelcome skin and hair conditions


When we think of injections, we immediately think of Botox, the chemical compound injected into the skin to reduce wrinkles.

Botox is simply one brand of injectable compounds that are targeted specifically at wrinkles.  However, though popular and effective, that’s not the only type of helpful injection offered at a MedSpa.

Injection treatments can also include products that help promote the production of collagen in the skin, or act as a filler for skin wrinkles, or address discoloration and under eye circles

Fat reduction

Fat reduction procedures focus on a specific area, such as the abdomen, arms or legs, and target those areas using ultrasound energy, which break up the fat modules through heat, reducing the area by 1-2 inches.

For more extensive results, many MedSpas offer a vaser liposuction treatment, where staff makes small incisions into the abdomen, and an ultrasound wand is waved on the unwanted fat, breaking down the molecules more intensively.

You can also achieve fat reduction through the help of wraps, where the skin is wrapped tightly, and heat is applied, sweating out toxins and burning fat at a high rate.

Skincare and beauty

MedSpas offer skincare treatments like chemical peels and facials.

Alternatively, you can use a more specific treatment like microdermabrasion which is the intense exfoliation of the face to reduce dead skin cells and renew skin. They also offer beauty treatments such as eyelash extensions, where you receive fake eyelashes with a strong adhesive that last 3-4 weeks. There is also permanent makeup, where an expert tattoos eyeliner, eyebrow or lipstick to your face.

MedSpas: Safe, medical grade treatments in a relaxing, spa environment

MedSpas offer certified staff and medical procedures/products to help clients reach their individual beauty goals.

Many services offered can correct a problem such as fat reduction or laser removal. Moreover, MedSpas can provide clients with treatments to enhance their own beauty with services like permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, or skincare treatments.

The relaxing, spa environment also helps put you at ease and creates a sense of calm and comfort as your MedSpas team (physicians and certified staff) ensure procedures are safe, state of the art and customized to meet your needs.

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