Medical Weight Loss is Based on Science

If you are tired of feeling heavy and want to lose weight for the summer, visit our office to discuss medical weight loss solutions. Losing weight is difficult. Anyone who recommends diets or supplements that are a magic bullet is probably offering misleading advice. There truly is no instant solution for weight loss.

There are, however, solutions and tactics that we use from good health and science. Utilizing this medical approach will produce lasting results in weight loss that a person can be proud of. So, if diets and fads are not working for you, do not lose hope or think that the only other choice is plastic surgery. Instead, visit our office to speak with the physician about the best way to lose weight for your body type and various solutions that can help you to reach your goals.

Every body type is different

One of the challenges with fad diets and supplements is that they are promoting a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Unfortunately, this leads to mixed results. While the diet may work for some people, it could cause others to gain weight or see no change at all. This can sometimes be the result of one's blood type.

As a physician, we recognize that various blood types and body types will react to things differently. By completing blood work, we can ensure that we make medical weight loss recommendations on science and what will actually work for a patient.

Diets should be customized

There are some basic concepts about dieting that are true. For example, it is important to burn more calories than a person consumes in order to lose weight. However, not all calories are equal. Diets need customization for the nutrients an individual patient needs. Also, it is important to include the right types of fats.

We work with patients to create a balanced diet for the needs of their body. This ensures that our patients do not feel like they are starving when on a diet and instead, feel satisfied. It also ensures that our patients receive the right type of nutrients they need to remain in good health while dieting; something that is critical for long-term success.

Supplemental medications may be helpful

At least initially, it may be helpful for patients to take a prescription medication or supplement that is designed to help promote weight loss. As a physician, we can recommend and prescribe these things as necessary. Plus, our medical knowledge ensures that anything we recommend for weight loss does not negatively interfere with other medications that a patient is taking. This is of particular importance for anyone who is struggling with other health problems and needs to lose weight in order to reduce those issues.

We help patients to achieve results and keep the weight off

If you are looking for real results, visit our office to speak with a physician about medical weight loss. With an approach that is customized, based in science and proven to produce results, we can help you to lose weight now and to remain healthy in the future.

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