3 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Treatment Programs

If someone is looking to lose weight, medical weight loss is typically their last resort. Just about everyone has tried a fad diet or a new exercise schedule and spent hours at the gym only to have it not succeed … Continued

How a MedSpa Can Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals

MedSpas bring the best of both worlds: medically based treatments, in a spa-like atmosphere. MedSpas require a physician onsite and offer clients the results of medical grade products and treatments, performed by a certified staff. Clients receive these treatments in … Continued

What Are the Side Effects of B12 Injections?

Looking for more information on B12 injections? Good for you! If you feel that you are not getting all the vitamins your body needs to function properly, then finding out more about what vitamins you are deficient in is a … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Instead of a Plastic Surgeon

So, you know you want to look better but are not sure if treatments offered by a medical spa will do the trick, or if you need to visit a plastic surgeon. This is actually a very common question to … Continued

Voluma is Longer-Lasting than Botox®

Voluma is a new treatment designed to help patients look younger for longer. The results are incredible, and we invite anyone to look at before and after pictures to see how stunning the results can be. Why people choose this … Continued

Non-surgical Weight Loss Options Include Nutritional Counseling

Choosing a non-surgical weight loss program is one of the best ways for you to lose any extra pounds that you cannot seem to lose. While eating a healthy diet and exercising daily, or at least every other day, is … Continued

Welcome to Unicorn Medical Weight Loss & Medi Spa

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Las Vegas, NV area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Medical Weight Loss, Weight Loss Near Me, Medical Spa, Non Surgical Weight Loss, HCG Weight … Continued

Medical Weight Loss is Based on Science

If you are tired of feeling heavy and want to lose weight for the summer, visit our office to discuss medical weight loss solutions. Losing weight is difficult. Anyone who recommends diets or supplements that are a magic bullet is … Continued

Visit Our Diet Clinic to Learn More About Clean Eating

One of the most common questions that people ask at the diet clinic is about the phenomenon known as clean eating. Clean eating has grown in popularity through the use of social media and other means which have exposed it … Continued