Voluma is Longer-Lasting than Botox®


Voluma is a new treatment designed to help patients look younger for longer. The results are incredible, and we invite anyone to look at before and after pictures to see how stunning the results can be.

Why people choose this option

Individuals are often unhappy with the gradual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many people feel as though these skin imperfections appear too early or they are more noticeable certain times of the year, like during the winter when the skin is dry. They may be interested in keeping their appearance more youthful for as long as possible but are not interested in permanent cosmetic surgery. Fillers and other non-invasive cosmetic treatments are the best route for these temporary, but effective and noticeable, results.

What is Voluma®?

Voluma is a state-of-the-art cosmetic skin treatment that lifts and contours the face. A type of hyaluronic based gel filler, this product produces a youthful appearance through non-invasive injections. For anyone who is unhappy with fine lines, droopy skin and a deflated appearance, this volumizing filler may be the answer. Created by the makers of other classic contouring treatments like Botox® and Juvederm®, this high-quality product, designed for use all over the face including the midface, produces excellent and timely results.

How long does this facial filler last?

This product produces the most long-lasting results of any current facial fillers on the market. Results of Voluma can last up to two years. The filler can be easily re-injected once the noticeable effects begin to wear off.

Is it painful to have injections?

Unlike some other facial fillers, this technique is injected deeper into the skin, so it is combined with a numbing agent to reduce the sting of the injection. Most people barely notice the treatment is being performed or only feel a mild pressure or pinch. There is no residual discomfort.

How soon will there be a noticeable difference in appearance?

Results of this treatment method show up immediately after the treatment is performed. Procedures usually take 30 minutes to an hour, and results show as soon as the patient looks in the mirror.

What other options are there for cosmetic improvement on the face?

Other Juvederm® products, Botox®, chemical peels and laser resurfacing are all great options to consider.

  • Juvederm® fillers are used to provide contouring and volume where it lacks due to age.
  • Botox® is the first-ever FDA-approved method used primarily to reduce the appearance of common areas of wrinkles like frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.
  • Chemical peels and laser resurfacing can be performed to diminish signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, scarring, and discoloration.

All of these options are safe, provide noticeable results and can be performed in our office through non-invasive means.

Discover the benefits of Voluma

If you are interested in learning more about ways to improve your appearance without committing to any permanent changes, we can help. When you visit our office, you will be provided with all of the options, including learning how the treatments work and how long they will last. Voluma is only one of the many potential ways you can keep your youthful skin and dewy appearance for longer.

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