What Are the Side Effects of B12 Injections?

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Looking for more information on B12 injections? Good for you! If you feel that you are not getting all the vitamins your body needs to function properly, then finding out more about what vitamins you are deficient in is a great idea. One of the more common vitamin deficiencies people will experience is a lack of vitamin B12, which is extremely important when it comes to the brain, nerves, blood cells and stomach functioning properly. Since our bodies do not make this vitamin, it is essential for everyone to get their recommended dose of B12 by making good food choices and/or taking supplements.

What are B12 shots?

A shot of vitamin B12 is synthetic and used to give people the energy they are lacking. The reason for lacking energy is because they are not choosing foods that include this important vitamin or they are not taking vitamin B12 supplements. Foods that include vitamin B12 and are therefore encouraged to be part of someone’s regular diet include fish, meats, poultry, eggs, fortified cereal and fortified nutritional yeast.

What are the side effects of B12 injections?

While side effects do not happen very often, they can occur. The possible side effects that are associated with getting a vitamin B12 shot include feeling itchy all over the body, experiencing swelling where the injection took place, mild body flushing, experiencing gastrointestinal issues and nausea that can lead to vomiting.

What else can vitamin B12 do?

While many people who have a vitamin B12 deficiency will choose to get a vitamin B12 injection because they lack energy, the following are additional benefits that vitamin B12 provides: It improves the immune system, helps boost metabolism, reduces feelings of depression, helps the digestion process and helps regulate hormone production.

Have any questions we can answer for you?

If you happen to have any questions about B12 injections, simply contact us when you have a few moments. We have a fantastic team of medical professionals who are more than willing to help you on your path to healthiness. It is essential to make sure you are giving your body all the vitamins it needs, as this is the only way you can function at your optimal level.

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