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Infrared Body Wrap


It’s fair to suggest that most of us feel self-conscious about the appearance of our body in one way or another. Over the decades, we have consistently searched for new and more effective ways that we can lose weight, tone our bodies, and achieve the figure that we’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, exercising and a proven, healthy diet can only go some way towards helping you get rid of those unwanted inches―a fact that has prompted many people to search for alternative methods. Today, Unicorn Weight Loss & MediSpa are finally offering something brand new for anyone searching for their perfect silhouette, with Formostar.


The Formostar procedure is one of the most technologically advanced and innovative adaptations of the traditional body wrap treatment. The Formostar wrap at Unicorn Weight Loss & MediSpa can help individuals to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin, detoxify the body, aid weight loss, and even reduce cellulite, all in one treatment.

A proven system, the Formostar gives clients the opportunity to burn anywhere between 1,200 and 1,400 calories with every session, meaning that they may be able to achieve the same goals that certain patients aim for through liposuction, at a fraction of the cost, and without the invasive surgery. For many people, the Formostar wrap can be a relaxing experience that soothes away your everyday stresses, while catering to your aesthetic needs.


Over time, as our bodies accumulate more unnecessary fat, the circulation of our blood can become worse. As circulation efficiency falls, our bodies begin to struggle in burning and metabolizing body fat, meaning that we gain and keep weight more easily than we did before. In addition, you may find that very little heat is properly circulated throughout your body, leading to cold spots.

When heat is taken away from specific areas of your body and the fat is allowed to cool, it can turn into cellulite. Where subcutaneous fat is easy to lose and soft, cellulite is a substance that hardens due to lack of circulation.

The Formostar body wrap system allows heat to be applied directly to certain areas of the body, so that it penetrates beneath the fat tissue and thins out the blood, bringing circulation and heat back into areas with restricted flow. As a result, the metabolism rates begin to rise, and the heat of the blood softens the fat, allowing the tissue to be broken up and released into the bloodstream as calories, which can then be burned away as energy.


When we have too many calories in our body, they can be stored away as fat, but the Formostar wrap at Unicorn Weight Loss & MediSpa prevents this process by breaking the fat down back into calories that are used up as energy. One treatment that lasts fifty minutes could be enough to burn 1,200 calories, and you get to relax during the process in warmth and comfort―can you think of a better way to ditch unwanted weight?

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